As winter bids farewell and spring tiptoes in, it’s time to catch you up on the latest happenings here at the farm! Winter, despite its tranquil aura, is far from dull; it’s a time of gentle productivity and laying the groundwork for the vibrant season ahead.

We say goodbye to our feathered friends from November to April, as we cannot grant them the freedom to roam, peck, and revel in their natural habitat during the cold and wet winter months. Our ethos at Farm2Fork is all about fostering an organic, pasture-raised paradise where every cluck echoes with joy.

With the poultry away from the farm our foremost winter endeavor has been to create a brand-new chick shed! This cosy haven is essential for our fluffy newcomers who’ll arrive in April without their weather-resistant feathers. With teamwork and dedication, we’ve built a snug retreat where our baby chicks, turkey poults, and goslings can thrive.

But that’s not all! We’ve been hard at work constructing a revamped customer order fulfilment area too. Say goodbye to cramped quarters; we now have a spacious, purpose-built space where we meticulously prepare each order with care, ensuring our customers receive only the finest organic and grass-fed meat.

And then there’s fencing—lots of it! With over 20 km to replace, it’s a massive task, but a necessary one. Our lively cattle and nimble sheep need secure boundaries to roam freely and safely. Plus, fencing safeguards our precious environmental features, from hedges to neighbouring habitats.

Yet, amidst these projects, our daily care for our beloved grass-fed flerd remains paramount. Winter poses its challenges, but we ensure our animals thrive with daily doses of hay and silage. Watching the bales roll down the hills may provide a few laughs, but it’s all part of the adventure!

So, while our winter days may seem quieter compared to the summer frenzy, each moment is brimming with life and anticipation. Every season has its own story to tell, and we’re delighted to share ours with you!