The Farm2Fork cows are nosey characters, friendly and docile; they aren’t looking to make anyone nervous.

Our herd is made up of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford, native breeds that are well suited to our temperate climate and green landscape.

Cows on the whole are curious creatures. It’s not uncommon for them to approach a walker because they genuinely just want to know what’s going on!

Ollie describes the cows on the farm as gentle giants; inquisitive, boisterous and happy to nudge you when you’re not paying them enough attention!

Most cows can be hesitant, and they do love a routine – our cattle like the daily regime of being moved to fresh pastures. Much like us, a routine is what makes them feel relaxed and at home!

We spend a lot of time with our cows so they are used to people and therefore don’t make too much of a fuss.

If a herd feels threatened or gets spooked, then their behaviour can change.

They can be skittish, so it’s important to approach them slowly so as to not startle them, and mothers with their calves are of course going to be protective.

There’s a common misconception that cows get spooked by red clothing. They’re actually colourblind. It’s fast movement that is more likely to spook a cow, not the clothes you wear.

If you’re out walking in fields where there are cows, then keep a distance and keep quiet and calm, Ollie says that they’ll respond to your energy. Turn and face them if they come and say hi – remember, they just want to know who’s just come into their space!

Cows are not only full of personality but as ruminants, they have a unique ability to digest fibrous, low energy plants, such as grass, and turn them into meat and milk that is packed with nutrients, flavour, energy and goodness.

Ruminant animals have one true stomach, and then three other compartments, of which the rumen is the largest. Food passes through these four stomachs and allows them to make use of low energy plants because the microbes living in the rumen populate a kind of “fermentation factory” which is able to break down this food easily and release nutrients. 

Because our cows eat nothing but pasture, we’re not giving them anything that would upset their digestive system.

We move our cattle to fresh pasture every day, to ensure they have the best quality 100% grass-fed diet.

Here’s a fun fact about bovines: did you know they graze for eight hours, ruminate for eight hours, and sleep for eight hours?

You do now! 

Here at Farm2Fork, we welcome visitors and we’ll happily show you our friendly cows.