Over the years we’ve been witnessing a shift in the way people choose their food, and we’re delighted to see that people are becoming more and more discerning about where their food comes from.

That’s why Farm2Fork is asking people to make a pledge and really get to know your farmer using the hashtag #knowyourfarmer across social media.

Buying direct means that you know exactly what you’re getting and what’s going on your plate.

Our farmer Ollie is an advocate for regenerative farming, and has blazed a trail practicing and promoting the UK’s grass-fed farming movement.

As you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably already on board with buying better quality meat, and eating less of it. 

You’re certainly in the right place if you’re looking for ethically and environmentally conscientiously produced meat.

What Ollie has always found surprising is how people are so interested to know everything about their doctor, dentist, or builder, but when it comes to knowing who grew their food – people aren’t so interested. This is the stuff that we put inside our bodies so we think it’s super important to know where it comes from.

Ollie wants to help increase the amount of awareness over how food is produced. That begins by getting to know your farmer – the very person that grows and rears your food.

We’d therefore love you to spread the word and encourage other people to get to know there’s. Buy direct and visit to really get to grips with what you’re eating.

At a time where shopping locally is becoming more valued and necessary, this is when we should really be supporting our farmers.

We’d love for you to find out more about what we do here. Come and visit (when allowed!), ask questions – we LOVE answering your questions – and really understand where your food comes from.

So here’s a little bit about Ollie. 

A Nuffield Farming Scholar and third generation farmer, he had to find his own farm to rent, before travelling across America to research the best methods of regenerative agriculture.

Wanting to develop this method further in the UK, his farm follows 100% grass-fed principles and is certified organic.

Now he’s employed two beautiful Maremma Livestock Guardian dogs (Nala and Lula) to look after the poultry, the turkeys, the chickens and the geese. The sheep and cattle follow a mob-grazing method which nurtures the animals and the fields. 

Ollie works tirelessly on the farm together with his employee Maria as well as his partner in crime Charlotte, and Clover their dog. They regularly take on the help of volunteers from across the globe, and teach them the ways of the farm and their environmentally sound methods.

Ollie has appeared many times in the media talking about his regenerative systems and his Guardian Livestocks dogs, including in The Telegraph, The Independent, and ITV.

There’s even more about Ollie’s travels to America here.  

So come and say hi, there’s a very friendly farmer right by you! Use the hashtag #knowyourfarmer and spread the word.