Here at Farm2Fork we raise traditional, native breed beef, goose and lamb to live exactly as nature intended. It means that at Greenway farm we have chosen to respect nature’s seasons, and graze our lush herb-rich meadow pastures to provide our animals with a completely natural diet. In turn this environment encourages natural behaviour, excellent health, and contented animals.

With nature firmly in control (and thanks to a little help from us!) we are able to produce the finest, most delicious, succulent tasting and tender natural meat.

Raising livestock this way is not only better for them, but it’s better for you. Grass-fed meat has many proven health benefits. Lower in saturated fat and slightly higher in omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fats found in salmon and linseed oil. Grass-fed meat is also higher in Vitamin A, E and CLA. – Findings by Professor Jeff Wood, Farm Animal Science, University of Bristol, follow this link to read the full report.

Rearing animals this way is good for the environment too, we don’t use artificial fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides, and by managing the animals on the pastures, moving them daily and herding them together as in the wild, we help to grow healthy, herb rich meadow pastures. This is the perfect way to build soil health, improve bug, bird, and mammal life on the farm, creating a healthy and bio-diverse ecosystem that nature can be proud of.

Home to herons, barn owls, buzzards, kingfishers and deer, Farm2Fork boasts a healthy and diverse ecosystem.

Want to learn more about the benefits of grass fed? Have a watch of these films.

Pasture Promise

For years we’ve been told that fatty foods are bad for us.

Even foods like beef and butter that humans have been eating for centuries. We’re advised to eat more starchy foods and low-fat products. In effect this means we all eat more processed foods than we used to. Now the official line is coming under attack. A small but growing band of experts say it’s processed carbohydrates and low-fat foods that are killing us. The new “healthy options” are traditional animal foods, particularly when they’re from animals reared on pasture.

Want to learn more? Why not visit Pasture Promise TV and watch some really excellent short films by Graham Harvey (author of The Carbon Fields – How our countryside can save Britain) on the many benefits of grass farming and grass fed meat.

The Grass Diet

Zoe Harcombe, author of The Obesity Epidemic, shows how pasture fed animals can keep you slim and how farmers can benefit.

Watch this film by Pasture Promise TV featuring Farm2Fork!

What’s Your Beef?

A pioneering National Trust study of beef shows grass-based systems can play a big part in storing carbon and off-setting emissions.

According to the National Trust “Research reveals that grass-fed beef is better for people and the environment. Feeding cattle on grass throughout their life-cycle is the most environmentally sustainable way to rear beef”. Click on the attachment at the bottom of the page to view the full report by the National Trust ‘What’s your beef’, or watch the short film below.

National Trust – Grass Fed Beef is Best