We’ve done it! We’ve been accredited as an organic farm!

It’s been a two-year journey of “hoop-jumping” to get our farm certified, however, we’ve always followed organic principles, so for us, it was more straightforward than it could have been.

We’ve always farmed with regenerative and environmental methods at the heart of all we do. 

Our animals are reared as naturally as possible, with access to pasture day in day out.

The reason for Farm2Fork applying for accreditation was so we could better communicate to our customers what we stand for.

As not all of our customers have access to the farm, and many live some distance away, it was important to us to gain the accreditation so that they can see very clearly the standards that we farm by.

You can read in our previous organic journey blog a little bit more about our reasons for applying.

The word organic is tricky to use without this certification behind us, because it’s legally protected. But now we can say it when referring to the farm and it gives you assurances that we keep to our word.

Every year we’ll get our status reviewed, so you know that we always uphold organic practises.

When we started Farm2Fork, it was always with the vision of being an environmentally sound operation that had its footings firmly in regenerative farming.

Our aim has been to enhance the environment that we manage.

We put back what we take out, by using very specific methods of grazing, and we keep the meadows healthy by moving the animals so they can feed and fertilise the fields as they move around.

By encouraging a natural method of farming, we invite new species to the pastures and the surrounding area, above, and below the ground. We’re constantly surprised to see how biodiverse the farm has become; it’s a haven for wildlife, birds of prey, and the soil is fertile and healthy with all types of bugs and insects. 

Every day we see different species, and the health of the nutrient-rich grasses is testament to the health of the soil – something that can often be overlooked.

Our organic status ties in perfectly with the regenerative methods we employ, and we hope that it further affirms our status as an environmentally and ethically sound choice for our customers.

We’re always happy to welcome people to the farm to show them how we operate, and we hope that you’ll come and see how an organic farm works. 

Just don’t forget your wellies!