What is 100% Grass-Fed?

Many farmers claim their herds are “grass-fed”, but often they will supplement their diets with grains and animal feed.

Here at Farm2Fork we feed our beef cattle and sheep on nothing but grass.

This method reflects the original diet of the animals as they roamed across the plains, eating nothing but nutrient-rich grasses from pastures full of clover and other plants. It ensures they are getting a natural diet that maximises the amount of vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the meat. By eating what they are supposed to, we don’t mess with the optimal natural ratio of vitamins and fatty acids beneficial to human health.

This 100% grass-fed method sees the livestock grazing in herds (mob grazing) and they are constantly moved on to fresh pastures, mimicking their natural way of life. As an organic farm we don’t use pesticides, insecticides or synthetic fertilisers and only give antibiotics when absolutely necessary, as our animals are naturally resilient to disease.

This is why our animals are docile and content. They are living just as nature intended.