Happier Animals

We’re passionate about our animals’ welfare, just as we are about the environment in which we all live.

The grazing system adopted at Farm2Fork delivers far higher welfare standards for our livestock than more intensive farming methods, with animals grazing in herds and living outdoors year-round.

Both our sheep and cows benefit from a completely natural, organic diet, in terms of their health, and of course their happiness.

Cattle and sheep evolved to eat grass and little else, so feeding them grains raises their gut acidity to dangerous levels. This can cause health conditions which in turn call for treatments like antibiotics.

We rarely have to treat our animals for disease, as their way of life supports their health and welfare. Keeping animals at high density encourages the spread of disease, so we keep numbers manageable so our animals can thrive.

Our livestock are docile, happy, enjoying a grass-fed diet and living the way nature intended.