Healthier Meat

There’s a lot to be said for eating grass-fed meat. Scientific research has shown that by eating meat, eggs and milk from grass-fed and pasture-fed livestock, your body is better equipped at fighting disease compared to eating industrially raised produce.

Put simply, you are what you eat eats.

While farming makes huge strides towards industrial intensification, more often than not livestock are fed on a diet that benefits the consumers’ demand for meat and dairy, but is not beneficial from a health perspective.

Feeding a natural, organic diet of grasses, grubs and bugs traditionally enjoyed by livestock is becoming an increasingly rare way to farm, and many farmers will supplement animals’ diets with cereal grains, soya, maize and corn.

A recent study in the Nutrition Journal supports the argument for grass-fed over grain-fed, and highlights these benefits:

  • Grass-fed beef tends to be lower in overall fat content
  • Grass-fed beef is higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), trans-vaccenic acid, and omega 3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation and help to prevent diseases such as heart disease and arthritis.
  • Grass-fed beef is higher in precursors for Vitamin A and E and cancer-fighting antioxidants like glutathione and superoxide dismutase.

Grass-fed meat is also packed with flavour and it always makes sense to buy quality over quantity when it comes to what you eat.

Now there’s food for thought!