What is Pasture-Raised?

Our poultry is moved every day to fresh pasture where they live stress-free, fertilising the soil and reducing parasites, spreading nutrients across the field. Our chickens have their very own portable shelter so they can be moved to fresh pasture every day, but don’t have to roam very far. 

As poultry cannot survive on grass alone, we have to supplement their diets with organic grains. This is essential for their development and health, so we add this to the pasture and they peck for bugs and grubs as well to keep them healthy and happy.

Our turkeys have purpose-built “gobblygo”, mobile roosts which enable them to follow their natural instincts and roost high up at night, just like they would in the trees of their native America. By day they have 24/7 access to their own personal “salad bar”.

The geese roam freely as they please through the meadows, and all our poultry is watched over by our very special Maremma Livestock Guardian dogs, who keep watch for predators, and ensure our birds feel safe.

Where you might typically see poultry labelled as “free-range” or “organic”, these birds are often housed in static sheds but they don’t naturally range too far. For those birds, their pasture can quickly get turned into mud, and they lack the fresh grass that our birds have access to 24/7. This is why we use the term pasture-raised because we take the birds to fresh pasture daily ensuring they get the very best.

We don’t raise our poultry through the winter, because we don’t want to force them to endure the cold weather. Instead, we raise them in the warmer months when they thrive and are at their happiest. After all, the animals’ welfare is always our top priority.