Why Frozen?

At Farm2Fork we freeze our meat because it’s the most natural way of preserving food, and because our farm is seasonally focused it enables us to offer our fabulous grass-fed produce year-round.

There are no negative effects from freezing, only benefits.

Overall, freezing is a sustainable method that produces zero waste, and it gives us a longer window to get products out to our customers without any loss of quality, flavour or texture.

With all our meat, the freezing process offers flexibility and convenience to our customers at home.

At Farm2Fork, we provide storage and thawing instructions with our products.

When meat is fast frozen and thawed correctly, following Farm2Fork guidelines, there’s actually no difference in flavour or quality at all. It will retain its nutritional value, its colour and taste, and the bonus is that you can store it for a long time.

Rest assured that there has been a lot of thought and consideration into how we store our meat, and we can promise you that freezing means absolutely no compromising on quality or taste and it offers a more sustainable solution for our customers.