Our Farm

Greenway Farm YardGreenway Farm is the Farm2Fork HQ, home to naturally reared, 100% grass-fed beef, lamb and free range pasture-raised poultry. Our lush organic pastures provide the perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients to feed our animals the healthiest and tastiest diet.

We graze our animals as they would have done naturally in the wild, using “Holistic Planned Grazing” where they spend all year outside in the meadows, moving on to new grass while the rest of the meadows grow lush and plentiful. The 125 acres of organic permanent pastures and herbal leys are situated on the south side of Herne Hill, near the historic town of Ilminster in Somerset.

We practice a multi-species grazing model, where large ruminants are followed by small ruminants and then by poultry, recreating as best we can a natural living ecosystem. This increases productivity, builds soil fertility and reduces parasite numbers.

Greenway Farm is part of an environmental stewardship scheme which focuses on conserving and restoring wildlife habitats, protecting waterways and flood risk management. No pesticides, fungicides or inorganic fertilisers are used on the farm.

The way we farm ensures a thriving environment for many different species, both flora and fauna. Moving the animals together in herds keeps our livestock strong and healthy, and we are pretty sure you won’t find happier animals!

We keep hedges to provide food for invertebrates and overwintering birds and we frequently spot deer on the farm. More uncommon species we have visiting Greenway Farm include herons, egrets, barn owls, buzzards, sparrow hawks, kingfishers, and woodpeckers.

Farm2Fork is proud to boast a happy, healthy and diverse ecosystem.