Our Farmer – Ollie White


Farm2Fork was founded in 2010 by passionate environmentalist and fourth-generation farmer Ollie White.

Born from a dream to produce and sell meat reared “exactly as nature intended,” Farm2Fork was to be an enterprise which benefited both animals and their natural environment.

A Nuffield Scholar, Ollie recognises the need to drive forward the production of 100% grass-fed meat and is leading the way in this method of farming. Highly regarded as healthier for humans, for the animals and better for the environment, Ollie is an ambassador for grass-fed farming and as such, is passionate about his farm and creating a sustainable way of rearing livestock.

“Farming for me is about living in nature’s eye and working with my surroundings to provide the best environment for the animals to grow, and consequently the best products for you to consume.

I sell meat direct to you, so you can collect from the farm and see where the cows and sheep graze and the geese roaming free.

Each animal is reared with pride, allowing them to grow naturally, on a diet of grass and legumes, and to the best welfare standards possible.”

Through his Nuffield Scholarship Ollie has travelled widely across Australia and the USA to gain further insight into the grass-fed methods of farming, which has strengthened his mantra of “you are what you eat eats”.

Raising awareness of the benefits of grass-fed and looking forward to 2050 when the global population is said to increase by three billion, Ollie’s vision is for people to eat less, better quality meat, reared on a 100% grass-fed diet.

For Ollie the future is sustainability, farming with integrity and feeding a growing population without stripping our planet of its resources.