First came the chicken tractors. Now, we present the “Gobblygo”, the ultimate in turkey accommodation!

It’s all part of our pasture-raised turkey enterprise, and this contraption gives the turkeys somewhere they can perch at night and feel safe, while enabling us to move them to the freshest pasture.

Native to the Americas, turkeys are tree birds – something which is easily forgotten when you see them being reared either “free-range” with only straw bales to jump onto, or en masse in sheds ready for the Christmas rush.

As you well know, here at Farm2Fork, we do things as naturally as possible. With the Gobblygo the turkeys can roost at night like they would in nature, up high.

Neither chickens nor turkeys like to range too far from their roosting spot, so when you see adverts for “free-range” and “organic” poultry, if they’re housed in a shed with access to pasture, the likelihood is that they won’t actually venture too far.

The benefit of our mobile roost is that we can take the turkeys to the best grass. 

Taking the turkeys to fresh pasture ensures our birds have access to their own private salad bar all day long, and also gives them fresh areas to peck through for grubs and the good stuff that they thrive on. We supplement their diet with organic grains which are free of GMOs and antibiotics. 

Moving these mobile perches once a day means our pasture-raised birds can get the most vitamins and nutrients from the meadows, and they can express their natural behaviour by flying up to their roosts at night.

Fertility is also spread evenly across the farm thanks to this unique system.

The turkeys really are living an idyllic life here on the farm – with all the best grub, and the best beds in the house! 

Now available to pre-order for Christmas, click here to find out more.