Beef Fillet Tail


You simply can’t beat a hearty beef Stroganoff to satisfy your appetite. Our 100% grass-fed beef fillet tails are perfect for this dish, and are simply named ‘tails’ as they are the tail-end pieces from the beef fillet where the cut goes thinner. This cut is just as tender as a fillet steak and its much cheaper! Thanks to the flavour from a grass-fed diet, this cut is melt in the mouth and will make a Stroganoff to die for!

Each pack contains two tail fillets.


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Weight (g)

250g (9oz), 300g (10.5oz), 350g (12.5oz), 400g (14oz), 450g (1lb), 500g (1.1lb), 550g (1.2lb), 650g (1.45lb)

£29.99 £/kg

Product supplied fresh frozen