Beef Roasting Joint

Roasties, parsnips, carrots, Yorkies and lashings of gravy – all you need is our 100% grass-fed beef roasting joint to make this picture just perfect. A classic joint for any Sunday Roast and an economical joint of great quality, easy to cook and easy to carve. This cut is taken from the hindquarter from the topside.

Additional information

Min. Product Weight (kg)

0.50kg (1.1lb), 0.75kg (1.7lb), 1.00kg (2.2lb), 1.25kg (2.8lb), 1.50kg (3.3lb), 1.75kg (3.9lb), 2.00kg (4.4lb), 2.25kg (5.0lb)

£19.25 £/kg

Product supplied fresh frozen