Beef Skirt Steak

Flat, long and packed with flavour, throw our beef skirt into a sizzling pan and cut it into slices for a delish sandwich with fried onions and garlic mayo, a snappy stir fry, or packed with peppers and onion in a fajita wrap.

Our 100% grass-fed beef skirt makes a great steak when flash-fried. Also works well in pies and casseroles. This cut is taken from the hind flank.

Each pack contains one steak.

Additional information

Min. Product Weight (g)

200g (7oz), 250g (9oz), 300g (10.5oz), 350g (12.5oz), 400g (14oz), 450g (1lb), 500g (1.1lb), 550g (1.2lb), 600g (1.3lb), 650g (1.45lb), 700g (1.55lb), 750g (1.65lb), 800g (1.75lb), 850g (1.85lb), 900g (2lb), 950g (2.1lb), 1050g (2.3lb)

£20.99 £/kg

Product supplied fresh frozen