Beef Stock Bones

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Beef stock bones, smaller than the marrow bones, have been specially selected to create a great stock or broth. Packed with nutrition, a good rich stock can be created thanks to the flavour-packed throughout these 100% grass-fed beef stock bones.

You’ll create unctuous gravies and stocks for the base of a soup with these bones, and you’ll be using parts of the animal that are often overlooked in cooking.

The nutritional value of using bones in cooking broth is now well documented, as bones are rich in vitamins, and include calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

Bones also contain collagen, renowned for skin-plumping – so fill up on a delicious bone broth and reap the nutritional and physical rewards!

Due to limited availability, a maximum of five packs of beef stock bones will be available to buy in a single order.

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