Lamb Stock Bones

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The benefits of a good stock are plentiful. Nutritious and comforting, warming on a cold day, and flavoursome in other dishes, our 100% grass-fed lamb stock bones are ideal for this very purpose. Harness the power of a fabulous broth, stock or soup with these flavour-rich lamb bones to really boost your immune system and give you a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Each pack contains a selection of lamb stock bones.

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Min. Product Weight (kg)

0.50kg (1.1lb), 0.75kg (1.7lb), 1.00kg (2.2lb), 1.25kg (2.8lb), 1.50kg (3.3lb), 1.75kg (3.9lb), 2.00kg (4.4lb), 2.25kg (5.0lb), 3.00kg (6.6lb), 3.75-4.00kg

£3.75 £/kg

Product supplied fresh frozen