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Frozen Goose

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Our delicious free range and pasture-raised frozen goose is reared seasonally on a totally natural diet. The goose is dry plucked, hand finished and hung for a minimum of 10 days to bring out the finest flavour. The meat from our geese is tender and delicious.

Each oven-ready free range goose includes giblets and full cooking instructions.

Our geese are raised for a period of at least six months from June until December. The goose you are buying is fresh frozen.

Order through Farm2Fork for peace of mind knowing that the goose has been reared to the best standards and will taste fabulous.

To learn more about how we rear our geese, visit our Goose page


Goose Size Guide Approx.
Oven Ready
Weight (inc. giblets)
Approx. Servings
Extra Small 3.0-3.5kg (7-8-lbs) 3-4
Small 3.5-4.5kg (8-10lbs) 4-6
Medium 4.5-5.5kg (10-12lbs) 6-8
Large 5.5-6.5kg (12-14lbs) 8-10

Additional information

Weight (kg)

3.75-4.00kg, 4.00-4.25kg, 4.25-4.50kg

£12.00 Price /kg

Product supplied fresh frozen


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