Chicken Breasts (Skin On)


Hot, crispy chicken skin. There’s nothing quite like that delicious, salted naughty-for-the-waistline treat. With our free range pasture-raised boneless (skin-on) chicken breasts, you get the added bonus of that tasty skin – perfect for keeping in the flavour while cooking, and versatile enough to be stuffed, marinated, grilled, baked, roasted or barbecued.

Chicken breasts are a quick and easy ingredient to add to any dish and perfect to keep in the fridge for that last-minute meal.

Each pack contains two boneless, skin-on chicken breasts.

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300g (10.5oz), 400g (14oz), 450g (1lb), 500g (1.1lb), 550g (1.2lb), 600g (1.3lb), 650g (1.45lb), 700g (1.55lb), 750g (1.65lb), 800g (1.75lb), 850g (1.85lb)

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Product supplied fresh frozen


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