Chicken Legs


Our free range pasture-raised chicken legs (bone in) include the thigh and drumstick. Packed full of flavour and deliciously tender, this cut is perfect for cooking as a mini-roast, casserole or on a BBQ.

The chicken leg is a cut that is often overlooked but it provides plenty of flavour and is one of the cheaper cuts, which are perfect for feeding a hungry family.

Each pack contains two legs.

Additional information

Weight (g)

400g (14oz), 450g (1lb), 500g (1.1lb), 550g (1.2lb), 600g (1.3lb), 650g (1.45lb), 700g (1.55lb), 750g (1.65lb), 800g (1.75lb), 850g (1.85lb)

£8.40 Price /kg

Product supplied fresh frozen


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