Chicken Soup Bones


Stocks, soups, broths and brews, whatever you do don’t throw out the bones! Perfect for imparting flavour, our chicken soup bones will produce the heartiest, healthiest of soups.

Why not try a ramen or a pho for an Asian twist on your soup? By adding noodles, plenty of veg and even an egg, you can turn these handy bones into something warming, delicious and great for the soul!

Our free range pasture-raised chicken carcasses can really enhance any broth and each pack contains a bundle of chicken carcasses.

Additional information

Weight (kg)

0.75kg (1.7lb), 1.00kg (2.2lb), 1.25kg (2.8lb), 1.50kg (3.3lb), 1.75kg (3.9lb), 2.00kg (4.4lb), 2.25kg (5.0lb), 2.50kg (5.5lb)

£3.80 Price /kg

Product supplied fresh frozen


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