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Golden and crisp, succulent and juicy – a Farm2Fork pasture-raised bronze turkey on the table is going to be a real showstopper!

Thanks to the unique way we rear our turkeys on the farm, your meal is going to be a stand-out occasion with a turkey so tender your mouth won’t stop watering!

The flavour and texture of our naturally-reared birds is all down to a diet rich in lush meadows, and supplemental organic grains.

Not only can we promise a turkey that’s talk of the town for all the right reasons, but we’ll even take the fuss out of the prep for you, with full cooking instructions and tips on how to prepare this delicious bird.

Indulge yourself knowing that your turkey enjoyed a natural environment, access to a raised perch, and all the rich pastures it could dream of.

Our turkeys are raised for a period of at least 5 months from June until October. The turkey you are buying is fresh frozen and available to enjoy all year round.

Order through Farm2Fork for peace of mind knowing that our pasture-raised turkey has been reared to the highest welfare standards.

Note: Please allow enough time for your turkey to defrost prior to cooking. In a fridge at 4C, allow 10 to 12 hours per kilogram. In a cool room at 17.5C allow 3 to 4 hours per kilogram.



To find out more about how we raise our turkeys click here


Turkey Size Guide Approx. Oven Ready Weight (inc. giblets) Approx. Servings Recommended Defrosting Time (in a Fridge 4C) Recommended Defrosting Time (in a cool room 17.5C)
Small 3.5-4.5kg (8-10lbs) 4-6 35 – 54 (hours) 14 – 18 (hours)
Medium 4.5-5.5kg (10-12lbs) 6-8 45 – 66 (hours) 18 – 22 (hours)
Large 5.5-6.5kg (12-14lbs) 8-10 55 – 78 (hours) 22 – 26 (hours)
X Large 6.5-7.5kg (14-16lbs) 10-12 65 – 90 (hours) 26 – 30 (hours)
XX Large 7.5-8.5kg (16-18lbs 12-14 75 – 102 (hours) 30 – 34 (hours)
XXX Large 8.5-9.5kg (18-20lbs) 14-16 85 – 114 (hours) 34 – 38 (hours)

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5.50-5.75kg, 5.75-6.00kg, 6.00-6.25kg, 7.25-7.50kg, 7.75-8.00kg, 8.00-8.25kg, 8.50-8.75kg

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