When we’re surrounded by news of increasing energy and food prices, difficulties getting certain commodities with the ease at which we’re used to, the threat of a war that’s not too far from home, and a hangover from Covid and Brexit, it’s easy to find ourselves feeling despondent.

The good news is that buying your produce from small scale producers like Farm2Fork means that you’ll more likely be able to keep doing so. As a farm, we won’t be running out of food – unlike some supermarkets and bigger suppliers. 

We’ve talked time again about the benefits of not having a long and convoluted supply chain to rely on, and sometimes the simpler we do things the better.

The philosophy of stripping things right back to how nature intended is one that transcends the borders of our farm. When our customers know that buying locally produced, healthy and un-tampered produce is the best way, then we can be confident that we can continue producing great food.

Extolling the virtues of regenerative farming, low food miles, avoiding nasty chemicals, and shunning GMOs at Farm2Fork, is what we’ll continue to promote as an organic farm.

It’s important now, more than ever, to build a more resilient food system. Consumers are realising that “growing your own” has its place, and that our life-giving soils are key to rewarding us with the food we eat.

It seems we keep being jolted into the realisation that food doesn’t just appear. Food has to be worked for. Crops can fail, we’re weather dependent, economically dependent and politically dependent, to ensure we can eat without a second thought.

When war strikes, anywhere in the world, we can see once again how fragile the world, and the land upon it really is.

We have to nurture and protect our land, our soils, and our farmers. 

Support your farmers and producers, eat seasonal, and start to rebuild the relationship with food that so many of us have lost.

As farmers, we see first-hand the hardships of working the land. That bit can often get lost on consumers. 

We are so grateful to you, our customers, for supporting the way we farm.

You don’t rely on the supermarket and you realise that less is more. You understand that food can be scarce, and that buying direct is important and for that, we thank you.