Farm2Fork is blazing a trail in the grass-fed revolution, and I was lucky enough to spread the word about the benefits of grass-fed meat at a recent conference in Oxford.

My presentation at The Oxford Real Farming Conference was entitled Our Grass-fed Future: A Rescue Plan for the Countryside, where I spoke alongside grass-fed ambassador and author Graham Harvey who talked about saving the countryside, and Caroline Watson of Primal Meats who focussed on the nutritional benefits of grass-fed meat.

The essence of my presentation was that our countryside is in deep trouble right now, people are getting sicker, rural people are getting poorer and we don’t always know what we are eating. The philosophy behind grass-fed can make people better, give opportunities to farmers and enrich our environment.

Talking about my journey across America, discovering how they promote grass-fed production and how this way of farming has grown and developed, I was speaking to farmers, those involved in the wider industry, to consumers, and to our farmers of the future.

To deliver this presentation was a great experience for me. A lot of work went into it but it was great to talk to people about my findings and my work and the talk was very well received.

I’m not naturally one for public speaking, but when it comes to spreading the grass-fed message, I’m happy to do it again!