Not that long ago Tesco got slapped with a massive fine for selling out of date food to its customers at three stores.

Each time we hear these stories (remember that horsemeat scandal?) we’re reminded that trust plays a big part in where people buy their food.

Once again, a little bit of trust was lost in the supermarket giant with their latest food faux pas.

Buying direct from the source, you avoid exactly this kind of problem. It’s what makes Farm2Fork so trusted among our customers – and also, accountable.

As soon as there’s a middle man involved, things get missed, and transparency is lost.

Although we’re a small producer, we ship all over the UK. And by selling direct, you as the customer get the benefits of a short supply chain. 

Let’s not forget the most important things of all. You know exactly where your meat has come from, you know who your farmer is, and you know it was produced ethically and to the very highest welfare standards.

Although Tesco had a sharp rap on the knuckles for their food failures – to the tune of some £7.5million, they’ve lost something more than that – the guarantee that their produce is the best quality it can be. Can you as a consumer be 100% sure that the same slip ups won’t happen again?

For us, given our organic farm status, and our own regenerative goals, we have to jump through so many hoops, meet such high standards and give water-tight guarantees that the produce we sell is absolutely the best.

One thing you can bank on from Farm2Fork is that you get the freshest meat – we sell ours frozen so as to lock in the nutrients and make the products available year-round. 

Also, you get the personal touch from a local producer and a friendly farmer (and his team of fellow humans and gorgeous Livestock Guardian dogs).

There’s nothing quite like knowing what’s on your plate, and that you can eat it with confidence.

You won’t have any doubts that our meat reaches and surpasses the standards you expect from an organic, regenerative, farm that rears pasture-raised produce.

And that’s a good feeling. Knowing that you’re supporting a planet-friendly farm, that won’t pull the wool over your eyes.

Buy direct and avoid any doubt over how healthy and fresh your food is.

You can read more about our organic practices here. You can also support our #KnowYourFarmer initiative by visiting us on the farm – come and see our on-site shop which has recently been fitted out!