Many people ask us what happens to the animals here on the farm during wintertime. Do they have to go inside? Do they have to wear winter jackets? Do they need extra food? The answer is quite simply that our animals graze outside, year round, just as they would have done before modern man starting farming them.

Cattle and sheep were born to live outside, and during winter their natural coping mechanisms kick in. They grow their own winter coats so that they can keep really cosy in cold conditions, some look really woolly and cuddly!

The biggest challenge for us here at Farm2Fork, and anybody who follows a grass-fed philosophy, is keeping the ground in the best condition possible for our livestock to thrive. We have to maintain our meadows well to ensure there is always grass for the animals to eat, and yes, we do add extra hay to the diet during the winter, but it is put on the ground so they still gain the benefits of the nutrient-rich grass.

While we’re chattering our teeth because it’s cold outside, rest assured that our animals are doing just fine outside, in fact, they’re positively thriving!