I’ve recently returned from my travels around America to discover why grass-fed meat is not promoted as widely in the UK.

After winning a prestigious Nuffield Scholarship, I was tasked with researching this niche market and reporting back on my findings.

In 28 days I visited nine states, drove an incredible 3,400 miles, visited 18 farms, attended one conference and took three internal flights.

I met some truly inspirational people (I’m pictured here with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, in Swoope, Virginia) and I’m now now preparing to bring my research together

I’ve also been spending time at Farm2Fork with author Graham Harvey, who is currently writing the book Grass-Fed Nation.

Graham also happens to be the agricultural advisor for BBC Radio Four’s The Archers and I’ve been advising on their goose storyline as well, so Farm2Fork has really been blazing a trail and with the promotion of grass-fed meat!

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