Our Organic Farming Practices

Farm2Fork is accredited as an organic farm by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G).

We’ve worked hard over a two-year vetting process to get this seal of approval, but as those who follow us already know, we aim to go above and beyond organic, and we always have.

The tick in the box has come by proving that the farm is managed in a way that meets with certain criteria. 

The fact is that we were always following organic principals – avoiding wherever possible fertilisers and pesticides, encouraging soil fertility, only using organic-certified feed for our poultry – but this accreditation means we can better communicate to our customers our ethos.

Since our inception, the goal has been to be a regenerative farm. Encouraging biodiversity is what drives us, and the chance to pin the organic accolade together with that was something we didn’t want to miss out on.

While the term “sustainable” is often used, we go the extra mile to meet the regenerative goalposts we strive for.

Organic food has to come from a trusted source, and we are inspected at least once a year to ensure we adhere to these standards.

OF&G certifies more than half of organic land in the UK.  They ensure that their certified farms adhere to European Organic Standards.

As a consumer, buying organic produce means you are choosing products that are always free-range, contain no artificial colours or preservatives, contain fewer pesticides, are free from the routine use of antibiotics, including no genetically modified ingredients.

Overall organic means better for you and better for the planet.