Our Free Range Goose

Our traditionally reared free range Christmas goose is raised slowly on our grassy meadows here at Farm2Fork until maturity.

They live on an exclusively natural diet of grasses, herbs, clovers and organic grains.

This natural, free range approach ensures happy geese, which have the freedom to roam around the farm as they please.

Rearing them in this way means our Farm2Fork geese have the finest succulent flavour, and the meat is tender – perfect for a decadent Christmas roast.

Our geese are dry plucked, hand finished and hung for a minimum of ten days which further enhances the taste.

Farm2Fork’s geese are produced in accordance with the standards set by the British Goose Producers Association of which we are proud to be a member.

Goose is a moist meat thanks to its natural fat content. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, for your sumptuous feast on Christmas day, cooked confit, potted, as a main meat for your roast dinner, and even in risotto.

Cooking one of Farm2Fork’s Christmas geese couldn’t be simpler. With every goose order, you will receive your oven-ready goose together with full cooking instructions and tips on how to prepare the perfect Christmas goose.

The fat can also be stored and is the best ingredient when cooking fabulous roast potatoes.