Our Free Range Goose

Our slow-grown, traditionally reared free-range Christmas goose is raised on our organic grassy meadows here at Farm2Fork until maturity.

The geese live on an exclusively natural diet of organic grasses, herbs, clovers and grains, and we walk them each day to the very best pastures, full of nutrients.

We take the management of our organic pastures very seriously because they are so important to our geese. The organic grasses, herbs and clovers make up the biggest part of their diet, and while they are eating their fill, the geese are also happily living a free-range, outdoor life all day long.

We lead them into their barn at night, filled with fresh straw, where they feel safe and secure from predators, ready to let them roam again first thing the following morning.

This natural approach ensures happy geese, which have the freedom to roam around the pastures expressing themselves the way only geese know how!

Our geese have quite the personalities and a big presence on the farm. They follow us around honking loudly, and creating a bit of a stir.

As one of the star attractions on the farm, our visitors love to see them living this simple life and creating a fuss wherever they roam!

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