Our free-range pasture-raised Turkey

When you buy a Farm2Fork pasture-raised bronze turkey you’re not just getting an average turkey, but something a little bit special.

Reared naturally on the luscious pasture at Farm2Fork our birds feast all day long on all the grass they could wish for, and at night they are treated to their own specially made roost – we’ve named it the “gobblygo” – where they can sleep easy, as they would in the wilds of America.

Your turkey will arrive frozen, and this is because we don’t want our birds to suffer the English winter (they are used to the hot weather of the Americas, remember!) 

By rearing them in the warmer months it means they don’t have to be housed in a shed through November and December, but rather can spend their entire life outdoors.

With a diet supplemented with organic grains, they are completely pampered and are some of the happiest turkeys you’re ever likely to meet.

Happy, healthy turkeys equals a delicious Christmas meal that you can enjoy knowing the bird has lived its best life.

A Farm2Fork pasture-raised bronze turkey on your Christmas table is a perfect showstopper for your traditional festive meal, and is complemented perfectly by roast potatoes and all the trimmings!