Here at Farm2Fork we follow organic principles and strive to use natural methods at all times.

This means avoiding pesticides, herbicides, not medicating our animals (unless absolutely necessary for their wellbeing), and allowing the animals free access to pasture, all year round.

Despite all these actions, we cannot certify ourselves as “organic” until we jump through a certain number of hoops.

The decision to become organic certified is not one to be taken lightly as, like most certification, it has financial implications and puts extra restrictions on farmers who, let’s face it, don’t have an easy life at the best of times!
However, because we want to be totally transparent with our farming methods and help you to understand the processes we go through, we’ve taken the leap to get organic certification.

Our organic journey up until now has been an exciting one, and at the end of this next process – which will take two years, we will be able to use the organic label on all our products as well as advertise the fact on our website and by other means.

So what changes do we need to make in order to get accredited? Not many!

Farm2Fork under operates under the requirements needed to get us the certification.

Under Governmental guidelines, to be certified as organic farmers must ensure they are:

  • Avoiding artificial fertilisers and pesticides
  • Using crop rotation and other forms of husbandry to maintain soil fertility
  • Controlling weeds, pesticides and diseases using husbandry techniques and where necessary approved materials to control pests and diseases
  • Using a limited number of approved products and substances where necessary in the processing of organic food.

We’ll need to get our certificate reviewed every year, so no slacking here! This yearly renewal means that you, our valued customers, can sleep easy knowing that the full production cycle from raising to dispatching, is totally transparent.

We’ve always been open about the health and happiness of our farm, and we’re looking forward to be able to use the organic label. Until that time, know that everything we do here follows organic principles anyway.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about the way we rear our animals and run the farm. We’ve plenty of information on our website, and we’d love to hear from you – just email or call us on 01460-53988.