Our 100% Grass-Fed Lamb & Mutton

We owe the delicious flavour and tenderness of our 100% grass-fed lamb to lush pastures and top-notch milk from our ewes.

Working with the seasons means that here at Farm2Fork our ewes lamb in the warm spring weather when the pastures are lush and plentiful.

Our sheep graze on the herb-rich grass all year round and the lambs benefit from lush pastures and the best quality milk the ewes can provide.

With our lamb raised on an entirely natural diet of milk and grasses, herbs and clovers, the meat we produce is simply unbeatable in its tenderness and delicate meadow-rich flavour. Our lambs are locally slaughtered and carefully matured on the bone before being hand-cut using traditional butchery methods.

As well as lamb we also offer quality mutton products at Farm2Fork, sourced from our 100% grass-fed sheep that are two years or older.

Due to its age, the meat is more full of flavour and has a firmer texture. Mutton contains more fat than lamb and makes for great eating. You can create a fabulous Goan-style curry, or slow cook it to really release the juicy flavours.

We have a wide selection of mutton products in our range, all which make for exciting and interesting cuisine options.