Our 100% Grass-Fed Lamb & Mutton

Packing a punch when it comes to flavour and tenderness, Farm2Fork 100% grass-fed lamb is the star of the traditional family roast.

Raised on our organically managed Somerset pastures, the lamb feeds on lush meadow grasses, imparting a sweet and succulent flavour into the meat.

Managing our sheep holistically means that the wildlife sharing the grassland can thrive alongside our flock, and the fields can flourish.

Our system of mob grazing with sheep, cattle and poultry ensures the soil and pastures can regenerate efficiently and ensures the animals get the best nutrients from the grasses.

The quality pasture means our ewes’ milk is the very best, and this translates into flavour in our succulent lamb.

Our mutton has a stronger, and deeper flavour, given the maturation of the meat – sourced from our 100% grass-fed sheep that are two years or older.

Mutton contains more fat than lamb and makes for great eating, and perfect for slow-cooking.

The ethos of Farm2Fork is that our animals are all reared under the strictest animal welfare standards, and we employ traditional butchery methods.